Ten Taylor Tidbits

Everyone has quirks, some more than others. Lately, I’ve noticed some of the little things that make up my life.

  1. I run into the grocery store more than I walk into it because I usually have to get something quickly.
  2. I dance in the bathroom with my little sister while I’m getting ready sometimes. It’s adorable. 
  3. I have had a Fresh Beat Band song stuck in my head before because I have to watch Nick Jr. with my sister so much.
  4. Sometimes I think with hashtags—yes, like on twitter #twitterproblems (example of a hashtag)
  5. I don’t like doing crafts with other people, because I am always disappointed when it doesn’t turn out how I envisioned.
  6. When my room looks good, I feel good. 
  7. Before a Spanish exam, I always think in Spanish the day before to prepare.
  8. I can spend all day in the mall and not find anything, because I only buy things I love.
  9. I would rather someone compliment my writing than my style. (But who doesn’t feel good when someone says they like your new shirt?)
  10. I think it’s totally awesome that I have the same birthday as Joseph Gordon-Levitt.