Subway. Eat Fresh—Just Kidding, don’t eat on the subway. That’s gross.

My first steps on the subway lived up to my expectations, and believe me, they were extremely low. There were business people. There were dirty people. And there were freaky stay-out-of-my-way-because-I-am-meditating people. The day we saw the meditating freak was when we were headed to see NYU. Normally, I have nothing against people meditating. Do what you have to do, but on the subway? There’s a time and a place for everything, and when you are surrounded by a bunch of people all trying to get where they need to get, attempting to achieve peace of mind is downright stupid. But when I have a real problem is when said person decides to yell at the lady next to him for accidentally rubbing up against him.
“Don’t touch me!” he shouts.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” she responds with a look of shock.
Next time, “Mind your own business, and leave me alone!” he says getting even angrier.
She tries to explain that it was an accident because she thought it was her stop, but this doesn’t please him. 
He acts as if everyone should clear the subway so he can meditate. Sorry if public transportation is a little too public for you, dude. Try walking next time. I guess he would only yell at the people on the sidewalk for rubbing elbows with him as he was meditating on the sidewalk.
But the subway wasn’t all bad. I admired everyone reading and listening to their iPods. For some reason, it felt like the real subway experience. I have to say, I was a little disappointed that people didn’t jump out dancing like in Step 2—that was pretty awesome. But a small a cappella group did perform for us one day. They were amazing. All in all, we sure got the New York subway experience.
A Cappella Group
I want to tell you all about Washington Square Park and NYU! Stay tuned for my next post.