Being in the middle of Times Square is both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. Your senses are on overload, and you’re not alone. Every tourist has a strained neck and a camera capturing all of the flashing screens. The streets are filled with eager crowds and knock-off dressed-up characters. From Mickey Mouse to Mario and Luigi there are people in costumes waiting to take your money for a quick photo with the kids.

The fun doesn’t end there. They took the shops you loved before and quadrupled them for an even bigger, better experience. The Forever 21went down two additional levels with the men at the bottom. (It’s about time they’re down there.) For any teenage girl, this store offered a glimpse at heaven, and a terrifying black hole at the bottom of her wallet. The M&M store and Hershey store rival across from each other—both stocked with enough chocolate to make even Willy Wonka sick. Speaking of Wonka, Toys R Us was equipped with an entire Wonka land, Candyland, and of course a Ferris wheel, because what toy store would be complete without an amusement park ride?

The most disturbing part of the evening was by far the naked cowboy and the naked cowgirl that I mentioned in a previous post. Everyone laughed at the cowboy in his underpants taking pictures with people in the street, but we all cringed and tried to get the image of a nearly naked old lady out of our heads.

Times Square was surely an experience I will never forget. One day, I hope I’ll go back to the City That Never Sleeps to see everything I missed on my first trip there.

My next post will include my experience on the NY Subway, and my tour of NYU!