Lost: My Sanity. Reward: A Happy Writer

Sometimes high school sucks. There might be a better way to put that, but that is the gist of what’s on my mind lately. The problem isn’t my classes—in fact, my classes are the easiest they have been in a long time and even somewhat enjoyable. But nothing particularly exciting has taken place lately, and my life has been consumed by academic and extracurricular activities. (And I don’t mean the kind of extracurriculars my English teacher used as a euphemism for—well, this is one of those times where you can read between the lines—when we read Othello.) No matter how much I love learning and volunteering, doing the same mundane tasks day after day would make even Annie tune down “The Sun Will Come Out.”

The people say the same things. The food begins to taste more like someone already ate it for you with every bite. And the kids who stand in the middle of the hallway still haven’t learned how to walk.

And for some reason, day after day, I go back to this place of insanity expecting different results. Am I insane? Probably. But is it really too much to ask someone to stop standing in the middle of the hallway instead of making your way to class like the rest of us? No, people, the answer is no.

Also, I feel like a giant piece of me is missing. In case you haven’t experience this feeling before, it sucks. Worse than high school.