Imagine: A World With More Dreamers

Recently I’ve been going through a mellow music phase. Mat Kearney has been there for me through otherwise boring car rides, getting reading in the morning, and times of pure boredom. It turns out I love him. A lot. The new song by Train makes me really break out this beautiful voice I’ve been hiding from the world. (Just kidding but seriously its one to sing to.) It’s called “Drive By, and he has this line about being a “shy guy” that drives me crazy— in the it’s so insanely adorable kind of way. 
But enough of that cutesy stuff that makes teenage girls squeal. Matt Nathanson has this song called “Modern Love.” Basically, he says this modern love isn’t enough for him. My favorite line is “This Modern Love is a taco truck. You take the phone calls, I’ll take the silence.” Taco truck? Yeah, I’m in love with this guy.

I also have had a Beatles music craving lately. “Imagine” has been my favorite lately. I’ve decided that if I had could meet anyone dead or alive I would meet John Lennon. Someday, I’ll probably write an essay about it. But for now, I’ll leave you with a few obvious reasons I would like to meet him:
  1. The Beatles are by far the best band of all times—this is not debatable.
  2. He wrote and sang some of the most incredible songs in history.
  3. He’s a dreamer.

Music is an escape unlike anything else. Writing is an escape in and of itself, but music triggers different feelings and emotions. Instead of searching for the words to describe what we are thinking and feeling, music offers us words and melodies to guide us in finding the same thing. As I’ve mentioned, I’m a dreamer, and through the sweet melodies of Imagine or the upbeat tempo of a Modern Love song, I can go anywhere I want.