Multiple Choice, Multiple Guess, and Multiple Ways to Bring My Grade Down

It’s that time of the year again. Usually when people say this they are referring to raking leaves or taking down Christmas lights. Luckily I have no rake in hand, and I am afraid of ladders. So instead I get a three day AP Comp final, sprinkled with a dash of APUSH vocab and reading quizzes. Add in a huge APUSH map and date test tomorrow. Three Spanish finals. Oh and that sorta biggish presentation thing in AP Comp. So I mean, obviously my life is much better than the average Joe taking out down the lights. Oh yes, I have it good.

So what if I am nervous beyond belief? What about the insane number of hours I have sequestered myself in my room for these past two weeks? Who cares if the next week is going to suck even more than this one? I have learned more in the past five months than in any other period of my life. There was never a single moment that I questioned taking AP Language in Composition. Not when I failed for the first time. Not when I failed a quiz for the third time. Not when I was ready to pull my hair out over figuring out rhetoric. Every time I open Tindall I regret taking AP US History. With each X I solve for, I curse to the Math Gods. Spanish, I love. (Sorry for interrupting proving that AP Comp is the best, but what can I say? Lo Siento. Me encanta Espanol.)

Yes, I am very nervous for the last part of the final. But I have participated. I have learned. And I will perform. Tomorrow at 7:30 AM with my Bic mechanical pencil in hand, I will complete my final with confidence that I have worked hard and will do what I can do. And that is all I can ask from myself.

But for now, I’m going to get back to reviewing what I have learned.