It’s Better If I Don’t Understand

“The Other Side” by Bruno Mars feat. Cee Lo Green and B.O.B.
Bruno Mars is fantastic. I love his music and this song is no exception. But there is one line in this song I can’t get out of my head, “It’s better if you don’t understand.” It’s not that this line is particularly catchy, or even that I like the sound of it. I think this line sticks with me because I relate it to my own life. This line makes me think of one of my friends my math buddy? I’m not really sure what to call him. See the thing is: we are polar opposites. I’m not really sure how we became whatever it is we are because of the fact that we are such different people. Basically it seems like pure coincidence because he was stuck in front of me on the first seating chart. But have you been read my blog title? I don’t believe in coincidence. At the same time, I don’t know if you could really call this accident fortunate.
While he’s a nice guy and all, sometimes I wonder why I met him. I know what you’re thinking, “Um, Tay… yeah it’s just math class. I wouldn’t exactly read into it.” But I think the people that have a significant impact on you come into your life for a reason. By significant impact I mean: friends, inspiring teachers, classmates that teach you something about life, or anybody else that has somewhat of a long-term effect on you. When you’re math buddy makes you think about more than how to solve rational functions, you start to wonder why you met this person. Well, at least I do this.
Bruno Mars starts out this song with “Truth of the matter is I’m complicated, you’re as straight as they come.” The way I relate this song to my situation is with my math buddy as the complicated one. By this, I mean he doesn’t make the same kind of choices as I do. I feel like I’m heading down a pretty straight path, and I have no idea what direction he’s going in. And it drives me crazy. He’s made me think about life and values. For the first time in my life, I’ve begun to realize how complicated people really can be. When he first told me what kind of choices he makes, I looked down on him. I thought he was stupid and foolish. But as the semester goes on, I’ve realized people aren’t just one way or another. The choices he makes don’t completely define him as a person the way I thought they did.
What drives me crazy is seeing a perfectly capable, smart person making stupid decisions. But what’s worse is as time goes on I get to know him better. Knowing someone’s being an idiot is a lot easier when you don’t anything about them. After spending my Saturday night at my friend Ashna’s watching House, I decided he reminds me of Gregory House. He may not be a vicodin popping, witty doctor, but he drives me crazy in just the same way as House drives Cuddy crazy. Dr. Cuddy is his boss and she is as Bruno Mars would say, “As straight as they come.” But House is always pushing her buttons. Here I was watching House, texting my comp buddy actual guy friend that I knew was off making good decisions, and laughing with Ashna until we almost cried. And I realized maybe it really is better that I don’t understand. While my math buddy is off doing who knows what, I was spending quality time with House and my actual friends. I like it better on this side.