Wanted: Reward Ryan Gosling

Desire is an inescapable evil of sorts that everyone wants to pretend we can resist. Truth is…we all know what we want and what we’re willing to do to get it.
 1. To desire is to wish or long for. It is craving something so bad you simply cannot imagine living without it. Desires motivate us and make us work to fulfill our dreams. They push us forward because we are all seeking satisfaction. To desire is to want something that will ultimately lead to happiness or at least the illusion of happiness. After all, aren’t some of our desires illusions themselves?

      2. We desire because we are all seeking this big happy ending portrayed in fairytales and movies. As we floss away the popcorn after a night at the theater, we think about where our lives are going and wonder where our Ryan Gosling is (Still waiting…just for the record). Movies have made our desires slightly unreasonable. While we would all love to be swept off our feet by Gosling, we might have lower our expectations a little bit and realize that Prince Charming may have a little more ribbit than we planned. 

.    3. For years I begged my parents for a sister. I went as far as asking them to adopt me a sister if they weren’t willing to produce any more kids themselves. Being the only girl of three kids, I was going nuts with two little brothers. I would have given up my entire Barbie collection to have a baby sister, and considering I had twelve zillion Barbies, that is saying a lot. It only took fifteen years and a different dad, but my wish finally came true. And I wouldn’t trade her for anything (not even Ryan Gosling).

     4. Desire can be associated with hope, but desire does not always hold the same optimism hope does. Sometimes you recognize that your desires aren’t going to be fulfilled. But a desire is a lot like a wish; even if you know it isn’t going to come true, you still have hope. We don’t abandon our wishes because they are outrageous; usually we desire them even more. When we dream big, we have hope that one day we will find happiness because we know how far we are willing to go to make our dreams come true.

     5. Fight for your desires. Life isn’t about being handed everything like on free sample day at Byerly’s.  You have to work for the thinks you want in life, and it isn’t always easy. Life is about finding something that you would do anything to obtain and doing whatever it takes to get there. Find something that you can’t live without, and don’t ever let it go. If we don’t have something worth working for, what do we have in life?
     6. Desire is red hot. It is boiling and bubbling over the edges of the pot. Desire is the aroma of fresh baked cookies and Christmas trees. It is enchanting and leaves you wonderstruck. This is something that no one can escape because it is all around us. Desire waits for you at home and follows you into the dark. It pulls you close, wraps it arms around you and doesn’t ever let go.

So what do you want?