Ask Me If I Like Cheese

Clearly guys and girls think differently. The problem is this can lead to awkward social situations when we try to interact. We both have different interpretations of what our interactions should be like. Guys want simple. Direct. To the point. Girls want to think out every last detail until there is perfect flow.
This can cause girls to get a bit antsy when guys don’t keep up with what we are thinking. Marie Digby expresses this feeling in her song “Stupid for You” saying “The proper thing to do is for me to act like a lady and wait for you to make the first move. But I don’t think you’re getting the point that it’s you that I want.” She recognizes that the lady like thing for her to do is to wait for him to do something. But let’s face it. That could take a lifetime.
Teddy Geiger seems to get this in his song “For You I Will (Confidence).” He talks about mustering up the confidence to tell the girl he likes her. Teddy sings, “Forgive me if I stutter from all the clutter in my head.” He shows us that it isn’t always easy from their end, but he is also putting himself out there by saying “I’m gonna muster every ounce of confidence I have. For you I will.”
In the movie She’s the Man, Viola (who is pretending to be her brother Sebastian) shows her roommate, Duke, how to interact with girls by giving him a “pretend” situation. She tells him that he can talk to her about anything, and if they have chemistry it will just flow. (See we like flow!) So she gives him a fake situation.
Viola: Ask me if I like cheese.
Duke: Um, ok. Do you uh like cheese?
Viola: Why yes I do, my favorite’s Gouda.
It seems like the silliest conversation starter. But it doesn’t matter, because it shows that when there is chemistry there it really does just flow. Later when Duke uses this line on another girl, she flat out ignores his question. This is because she wasn’t interested in Duke, she was interested in Sebastian (who is actually Viola).
Colbie Calliat says, “Sometimes the only things words do is get in the way. Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest to say” in her song “What I Wanted To Say.” In Jason Mraz and Tristan Prettyman’s “Shy That Way,” they talk about these shy moments. Tristan says, “Though I may not know the right things to say, I’ll get it out to you one day.” Like I said, we think differently, but when we really want to say something, we find a way.