Things That Really Make My Clock Tick

There are some things that make me really impatient. I feel irritated and frustrated when I’m around these people. They really make my clock tick. 

  • Overly judgmental people
  • People that constantly complain
  • When people don’t say what they mean
  • When people don’t mean what they say
  •  People that believe the world will end if they don’t get an A
  • When people make an awkward situation worse by saying “That was awkward…” (Yeah, we all know it was awkward)
  • People that purposely make you feel stupid
  • People that lie straight to your face even after you find out the truth
  • When people generalize Americans as lazy and unmotivated
  • When people don’t try in school and then complain about their grades (The assignment is marked as an F because you didn’t do it, not because the world hates you.)
  • When people argue to earn back a single point
  • When someone expects you to say something, but you expect them to say something, so nothing gets said.