Why I Write

Since I was in third grade, I have had a love for writing. There is nothing that can keep me from doing it. I find time to write whenever possible and jot things down on a regular basis. It is the one thing that keeps me sane but also the one thing that can drive me crazy. I love the way getting everything out there makes me feel. All of my thoughts are suddenly in front of me. It makes it easier to process what I am really thinking.

At times I am driven crazy by my writing. Sometimes I sit there waiting for the right thing to say or the right words to use. Most of the time I realize there are often no perfect words to start with. I throw out whatever I am thinking and in return I get something I am either satisfied with or I ignore it. Usually I do not delete the documents I write, in case I have a sudden realization or inspiration. Looking back on some of my bad writing can help me to improve my writing. I like to look back on what I have written in the past. Whether it is bad or good, it helps me decide where I want to go with my writing.

I write because it keeps me sane. With a busy life and insane amount of homework, I often do not get to stop and actually think about what I am thinking. It sounds funny but so many thoughts pass through my brain, it can often be hard to keep them all straight. I am a hard, dedicated worker, but sometimes that can cause insanity. When I am writing, I am one hundred percent myself and open to my thoughts. Writing is what I turn to, when my mind is too busy to listen.